Master Plan

In March of 2011, Coal Creek Canyon Park and Recreation created a Master Plan to act as an invaluable resource for identifying priorities, creating a package to present to the community for mill levy funding, coordinating potential partnerships, and creating new park, trails, facility and program development. The goal for the Master Plan is to serve as a living document which will assist the District in finding affordable and long-term solutions which will meet the community’s recreation, open space, trails and program needs over the next ten years.

To read our Master Plan, please download a PDF copy below:

Complete Master Plan:

Coal Creek Canyon Park & Recreation District Master Plan (60.4 MB)

Individual Chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction (1.1 MB)

Chapter 2: Demographic Analysis & Community Profile (.8 MB)

Chapter 3: Coal Creek Canyon Community & Stakeholder Input (1.2 MB)

Chapter 4: Statistically-Valid Survey Summary (.7 MB)

Chapter 5: Planning Integration (.5 MB)

Chapter 6: Conservation & Natural Resources Assessment (.9 MB)

Chapter 7: Alternative Recreation Providers & Programming (1.9 MB)

Chapter 8: Park & Recreation Trends (.7 MB)

Chapter 9: Resource & Funding Analysis (1.1 MB)

Chapter 10: GIS Mapping & Spatial Analysis (50.7 MB)

Chapter 11: Recommended Areas of Focus (.5 MB)

Chapter 12: Recommendations & Prioritized Action Plan (1.1 MB)