Park and Rec Update – January 2017

Greetings, Coal Creek Canyon residents! I know I told you that we would have news from Jeffco Open Space about our Grant Proposal for a new turf ball field at the school but, alas, we don’t hear until January 5th. We are hoping that Jeffco will choose to award us $50,000 to which we will add our own $50,000 to breathe life into the gravel ball field at the CCCK-8 school that kids and coaches seldom use due to the high incidence of injuries from the gravel. If we get the grant, we hope to quickly install (over 3ish weeks) a foul ball fence, artificial turf to the infield and outfield and actual, wonderful clay dirt for the baselines. Wouldn’t that be so cool? It was originally inspired by Megan Morrissey and Josh Gilcreest several years ago and resurrected by Jeremy King, newest board member. We will let you know if we got the grant as soon as we do! You can check our website, or “like” us on Facebook! You can call us at (303) 642-0273, email us at, or you are welcome to join us for one of our exciting meetings 🙂 The first Wednesday of the month, at 6:30 in the back room of the Hall.
We hope you will take advantage of the many events and classes we are sponsoring this month. Kathy Bremers will be offering her wonderful Watercolor class every Thursday from 9:30-12 at the Hall. The CCC Homesteaders will be meeting Thursday, January 12th. The subject this month will be knitting with Cheryl Walker. The CCC Sky Watchers will be meeting on Sunday, January 15th at the Hall at 6:30. It is our hope that you will take an opportunity to get out and be active within your own community!
Next month, on February 18th, we will be hosting a big ol’ party. We’re calling it … wait for it…. Big Ol’ Party! And we sure hope you will be there! Why, it wouldn’t be the same without you! We will have a live, local DJ with plenty of dance tunes to delight everyone. From rock n roll to swing, to country and metal, Your Music Pro will have them all spinning! We could all use a big ol’ party in the middle of winter! There will be food provided. Potluck finger foods are encouraged and the event is BYOB. The cover will be a suggested donation of $5 to help us cover the DJ and the Hall rental but this is not a fundraiser, it is just pure FUN! If you want to plan ahead and get a shuttle ride to and from the event, please let us know. We are happy to help keep folks safe and we all benefit if you plan ahead. Hope to see you there!! Have an active and wonderful winter!!