Armchair Travelogue – The “Rest” of China Revealed

China Armchair Travelogue

On Sunday, January 25th, join us as Larry Moore presents a compilation travelogue of several recent business trips to China.  While the Great Wall of China and Shanghai’s high-rises are part of every proper China visit, this presentation will give us a glimpse of remote areas not usually seen by westerners.

We’ll visit:

  • The Steppes of Inner Mongolia where a mining conference was held in a remote yurt camp
  • Manchuria, near the Sino-Soviet border where a communist-era power plant and coal mine were visited
  • An underground gold mine in Jilin Province, 15 miles from the North Korean border

What: Larry Moore presents The “Rest” of China Revealed
When: Sunday, January 25th, 2015 from 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Where: CCCIA Hall on Rt. 72 in Coal Creek Canyon
Cost: $5 (Free for children 12 and under)

CCC Park & Rec’s Armchair Travelogue series presents foreign and exotic locales to our local residents.  Join us as we explore the world from the comfort of our home canyon.  We’re always looking for new adventures – would you like to present an Armchair Travelogue?  Please let us know by emailing