Grant Approved!

It’s official! Coal Creek Canyon Park and Recreation is proud to announce that we’ve received funding for our next BIG project: re-surfacing the ball field at CCC K-8 school with artificial turf! The existing ball field has been a problem for years – covered with dirt and gravel, it was a better location to get an injury than play a game. Well, very soon, those injuries will be a thing of the past.

Our plan includes $100,000 of improvements made to the field. We’ll be installing state-of-the-art artificial turf, infield areas with a clay mix surface, and a new fence to protect the field. The surfacing contract has been awarded to Academy Sports, the same company that surfaced our soccer field several years ago. If everything stays on schedule, we’re hoping to begin construction sometime in the next several weeks. By spring, we’ll have a brand-new field for baseball, softball, kickball, t-ball, and more!

This project has been made possible thanks to a $50,000 grant from Jefferson County Open Space. Coal Creek Canyon Park and Recreation matched the grant, dollar-for-dollar, and has also contributed $50,000 to the project. Since we lack dedicated tax funding, our much of our share of the funds have come from our share the Colorado Lottery earnings, saved up over several years.

We’d like to thank CCC K-8 School and Jeffco Public Schools for their continued support of this project. Without their cooperation, this project would not be possible. And of course, we appreciate the support of our fantastic community – everything we do, we do for you!

Though the field is located on CCC K-8 School property, the field is open to the public anytime that school is not in session. CCC Park and Rec pays for insurance on the field to allow our residents access on weekends, evenings, and over the summer. We hope the field is the site of pick-up games, casual tournaments, or even league play in the future!